Monday, December 19, 2011

Five things I will never lose

by Ensor
First: the ability to be as stupid as it may be a man. Second: a knack for lying, for faking, for writing, for eating and for spiting. Third: the strange human wisdom of never being wrong, especially when I am wrong. Fourth: the prudence to boast always at the right time. Fifth (just to finish, my faults are many but I have one virtue that I have never confessed): the proud to be, in every moment or occasion, as sincere as deceptive, as true as fake, as worst as better and… as human as possible.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking for the character

I have lost him and I have forgotten his name. Years ago, he was mine, my fake creation and true fate, my only dream and the singular nightmare of my silent evening:

The unnamed character went out last Friday evening. Where has he gone? Over the waste land, beyond the sea of fools, even far away of my dreams, he is lost. No more heartbeats of his waste aim, no more feelings for his tired heart, no more lies for his tired paragraphs, no more breaths, no more kills and no more kisses.

At last, no more words.

Friday, December 9, 2011

For the Bible tell Me So

Everything changes, as certain as the smiling moon, as hard as the accurate words of the lost gods of time. There are not flowers in the garden yet, there are not words for the wise man, there is not future for this, again and again, waste land of silent screams. Europe, my dear Europe, my dear Spain and its fate, our tragic fate of don Quixote’s  ashes… time, again and again and, once more, the smiling disappointment of the past shattering the wise old promises. Once again, the empty future.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Martin Cid novels and works

Martin Cid
First Prize of Jérez Short Stories, 2009
Prize Café Compás with the Short Story ‘Leviathan’
Prize Short Story Dante Aliguieri, 2007
Editor of Yareah magazine.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dadaist catastrophe

What would a Dadaist author say about our recent economical crisis? Ridiculous money, red car of an aggressive man, liquid stock market in the interior of my toilet. There are not reasons, not rules, not truths. Wars are a cancer, a business..., and businesses are a grey stomach. I am an outsider who likes clowns.
More flash fiction by Martin Cid:

Saturday, November 12, 2011


By I. Zara
Martin Cid is a novelist who is recently very fond of flash fiction style. He is publishing brief fiction on his web page ( and on other specialized blogs.
Q- Why are you so interested in this short subgenre now?
A.- I am a novelist and I am interested in novels, big novels where you can create a complete and close world. However, flash fiction allows some motivating possibilities. A novel has structural rules that you can break writing this short literary form and it is fascinating to condense thoughts in few words: a challenge.
Q.-  There are very many discussions about the length. For example, Steve Moss (editor of the New York Times) established 55 words, no more and no fewer. What do you think of this requirement?
A.-  Yes, I like to stick to 55 words and to play with words and thoughts to make everything fit. A good flash fiction can produce a strong feeling in the reader. We find the roots of flash fiction in Lovecraft or Hemingway… Of course, internet has given new possibilities.
Q.- When do you start to write flash fiction?
I cannot stop writing. I need to write daily and some busy days I was in a bad mood thinking about the impossibly of writing. Now, I get up, I take a coffee and go for a walk with Jack, my dog. Half an hour later I can write a good flash and the day goes well. If I can write my novels, it is better, but if I must go to pay bills or to whatever silly place, I think: ‘Well, at least I have written a flash, it is not a day wasted.’
Q.- Are you publishing the whole flashes on internet or are you thinking about a future book?
Of course, I am thinking about a book. I love novels but I have published essay and articles too. Why not a book with flash fiction?
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mary I of England

Queen regnant of England and Ireland, bloody Mary, Queen consort of Spain, ugly wife, Five year reign, Catholic terror. Very beautiful in her youth, appalling in her death, the death of a fanatic infertile mother, who had 280 religious dissenters burned at the stake. She was a precocious child and a complete goofy afterwards: clap!